26 Things i peeped

Thing 26 2.jpg

And so as we’ve said goodbye to June I just wanted to drop in and give you all some updates on the things I’ve learned thus far. To be honest, this whole twenties thing is something else entirely, but it’s such the beautiful journey. I’ve learned quite a lot over the years. Some lessons I’ve had to relearn. Some lessons were tough and made me cry...and laugh….and scream, but here. So here goes nothing!

  1. There are some things you actually have to spend a little more money on because they’re worth it. You might cry at having to drop a little extra money, but that’s worth more than having to do things like rebuy stuff or wake up with a giant crook in your neck over trash pillows.

  2. Life can happen in the blink of an eye. No one is exempt but we best all be prepared to occasionally go the extra mile when necessary.

  3. You’re never too young to begin caring for your body (i.e. skin care, dental health, all of that).

  4. Stop letting people and hobbies waste your time and get away with it! You know if you’re feeling something or not and 26 is actually old enough to understand that you’re not getting any younger so fill your time up with things you won’t regret.

  5. Any time spent towards being there for friends or just to be with them in general is never time wasted. Ever.

  6. Not asking for help is dumb.You’re not that original bruh. Someone has been there done that and are further than you so take advantage of that wisdom. I promise it doesn’t make you look less bright. Promise.

  7. Those same people and those same activities aren’t going anywhere.

    • I used to be afraid I’d miss out on something if I had to go ahead and disappear to accomplish something. Silliest way to think. Those same clubs, songs, and people will be there right along with someone’s sketchy uncle that shouldn’t even technically be out. So handle your business. It’s attractive.

  8. Showing emotion is a privilege that too few people engage in. It is ok to show you are: hurt, happy, excited, upset, etc. It’s also a privilege you ought to afford others because we all aren’t ok all the time and having that outlet when needed is priceless.

  9. Pay attention to those who show they want to be in your life and don’t force those that don’t.

  10. I’d rather be rich in life memories than to be rich in money.

  11. Hope doesn’t get the job done. You have to act on the things you dream about.

  12. That unsettling feeling that you have concerning where you are in life, the one that lets you know deep down that there is more fulfillment out there for you….pursue that. Pursue it until you finally find it and you’re satisfied.

  13. Travel more. Worrying about your money never ceases so you might as well scrape your pennies together and go see or experience something new.

  14. Comparing yourself to other people is a complete waste of time. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. They’re just not the same and will never be. Appreciate each for its own.

  15. Everything I imagine myself having….I am capable enough to see it realized now.

  16. Step away. Life is loud and if you listen at everything too long you miss out on listening to yourself. So tune in to the things you want to do for yourself.

  17. Keep a rainy day fund. Life will try you. It’s only a matter of when and when it does hit those pockets it feels SOO good to be able to borrow from yourself.

  18. Accomplishing change is uncomfortable. Accept it. Get over it.

  19. Don’t repackage the qualities you KNOW you want in a partner. You have a pretty good idea of what you want. Don’t compromise and don’t keep calling a red flag a white one with a little pink tint in it either. A flag issa flag. Just saying.

  20. Sometimes it’s just wiser to do what God said the first time and spare the running marathon. (Edit: sometimes is all the time.)

  21. You will outgrow both things and people at some point in your life and it is totally okay to move around once you realize you have.

  22. You can’t surprise God. Point blank.

  23. NO ONE’s preconceived or existing views of you hold more truth than what you KNOW about yourself. NO ONE can tell you who you are. You decide that for yourself.

  24. Everyone takes an L at some point. It’s life so just take it in stride and beast on.

  25. Progress is progress despite the increment of how much.

  26. Be realistic with your goals and approach them accordingly.

  27. *bonus* Give yourself more credit for who you are and what you’ve already accomplished. The world already beats you up. Don’t help it.

Well, that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed it and feel free to let me know what some of your best life lessons were over your years. Here’s to more life.

Happy Dreaming Dreamers,