Thrift is Life

                                    Because who doesn't love a good thrift store?

                                    Because who doesn't love a good thrift store?

So I’m just going to be honest with you guys. Transparency moment here. When it comes to clothes I am cheap! Just ask anyone that knows me and they will surely attest to having to convince me to buy something other than a really good plate of food. I also have what some might call an eclectic sense of fashion. You know….that particular sense of fashion that makes you cock your head to the side like you do when staring at the art in the gallery because you don’t quite understand it but it works oddly. Yup, that’s my lane.

Now having said all that I hope you all can see why I have such a love for thrift stores. Disclaimer: now I will figure out a way to swipe my card at an H&M, an Agaci, or on a very bold and strange night...Zara, but my lil heart gets so much more elsewhere. Chicago afforded me my fair share of thrift stores and I must admit that I was spoiled because Chicago is literally lemon peppered with so many amazing thrifts stores you have no choice but to prosper. I mean guys I found a whole Gucci bag for $20! So I was surprised to find that as big as Texas is it seemed to be without thrift stores to match.

I’ll wrap this up by saying I’m totally here to be proven wrong and to have my faith in this state’s thrift stores restored so I want to know something. Where are some of your favorite thrift stores? Leave your comments below! If you'd like to contribute a piece about your favorite thrift store hit me up and I'll feature you on my website simply because this drought has to end!

Let’s get this list going!

P.S. The latest strip of thrift stores to bless my life are in Plano, TX btw. Y’all should check it out though and shout out to Jazz for the rec!

Addy: 2430 K Ave., Plano, TX 75074